Underground Mining

ABC Ventilation Systems has been the world’s leading supplier of flexible ventilation ducting and vane axial fans to underground mining and tunneling customers for more than 40 years. ABC Ventilation offers a complete ventilation system, including ducting, fans, cassettes and ventilation design. ABC’s engineers can customize your ventilation system to fit your needs, and its dry and wet dedusters have been used in many coalmines and on some of the largest tunnel projects. A new line of mixed flow fans now offers some of the quietest fans in the industry, and rigid duct is now being offered to North and Central American customers. ABC still provides assessments and education to mine customers throughout the world. With reference projects in more than 40 countries, ABC offers the experience, quality and expertise needed in the most demanding environments

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Website www.abcventilation.com

Accutron instruments has been leading the underground mining community with ultrasonic time-of-flight ventilation monitoring since 1993, and continues to advance their technologies, for all ventilation-dependent industries. Accutron’s ultrasonic technology continues to be the most-effective and reliable solution for continuous monitoring of air movement in mines, tunnels and other industrial venues. Accutron’s FlowTRAX will continually monitor airflow with great accuracy, by using ultrasonic technologies with a patent pending J-Filter technologies, for turbulent flow applications. Accutron’s Mine Air Quality Station (MAQS) has integrated probes to measure relative humidity, temperature and biometric pressure, while still providing accurate airflow monitoring. As the Canadian distributors for Trolex, Accutron also bundles these devices to offer total air quality monitoring. Accutron products incorporate gas and dust monitoring systems, for a whole atmospheric monitoring station to suit your every need. Visit the company website to see the new DMP reader from Pinssar with continuous 24/7 monitoring.

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Website www.accutroninstruments.com

AG Mining Equipment Inc. was established in Mississauga, Ontario, in 1998 by Equipos Mineros Inc. AG Mining’s parent headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Santiago, Chile, where the company, for more than 49 years, has been manufacturing drilling equipment for the underground mining industry and has been dedicated to clients in local and international markets. Its manufacturing facilities have up-to-date machinery and a metallurgical laboratory, as well as an expert staff of mechanics and technicians, making it possible for AG Mining to produce top-quality products. As a result, you benefit from AG Mining’s firsthand experience in its quick and accurate response to the drilling problems that arise in your daily operation.

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Province ON
Website www.equiposmineros.cl

specializes in ventilation has established a solid expertise in the successful completion of large-scale projects in the mining and industrial fields. At the turn of the century, the company took the decision to manufacture its own air handling units in order to be able to propose different solutions and to adapt to the space problems that often occur when working in sites that have been operational for many years. Equipped with this expertise, AIRMP inc. now owns its brand and acts alone as a manufacturer.

City Rouyn-Noranda
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Website http://www.airmp.ca/

AIRPLUS Industrial provides innovative solutions and provides services for industrial air applications across North America. Our expertise is on industrial dust control, ventilation, fan applications, fire and explosion protection compliance to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines, compressed air products that include rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors, reciprocating and oil free compressors, air blowers, air dryers, air receivers, filters and air piping systems. The company is also a leading supplier of industrial vacuum, abrasive blasting, clean air, parts and services.

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Website https://www.www.airplusindustrial.ca/

Today, AirStream still uses a specialized project specific on-site assessment and performance testing methodology to deliver reliable and efficient fans. Our team of engineers has upgraded hundreds of large fans, driven by more than 300,000 kilowatts in total. Collectively, our fans have saved over 50 megawatts, representing cost savings of approximately $25 million per year.

City Waterloo
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Website http://www.airstreaminc.ca

Welcome to Allbutt Mining Supplies. We are suppliers of O.E.M. and after market drill parts for the Secan 250 Jackleg and 250 Stopper, Screen Pusher, drifters 36IR Ingersoll-Rand, PR123 Gardner -Denver, 1838 drifter, 1238 Drifter, YH65 YH70 , HD800 Tamrock, HCR9 ‘ HCR12 Furukawa, Montabert, 250 Boart, Air Trac Drills, Hammers, Pneumatic Drifters, Hydraulic Drifters. A long with a full range of Percussion Button Bits, Air Drills and Sandvik Drill Steel sizes T38,T45,T51 etc. We offer many services to the Mining, Drilling and Blasting, Quarry and Construction Industry. Bit sharpening, While rebuilding your Drifter or Hammer we can also supply you with one to keep you going if required. We also offer to the Diamond Drilling Industry a full line of Fast Drill Diamond Bits, Down The Hole Tools, Drills and replacement parts for All Diamond Drills. We offer Diamond Blades, Silent Core Diamond Blades. Smaller Diamond bits for Granite & Marable, Diamond Polishing Pads and many other diamond and percussion products.

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Website www.allbuttminingsupplies.com

AMIX Systems Ltd. is a product and service company based in Abbotsford, British Columbia with a results oriented approach to problem solving. We design and fabricate grout mixing plants and batch systems that enable you to get work done faster. Our team is committed to solving the difficult problems companies face with grout mixing projects. It begins with listening to the client to further understand the project requirements and site specific concerns. Grout mixing is part of our DNA, and we apply our collective expertise and knowledge to projects from conception to completion

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Website http://www.amixsystems.com

Founded in 2006, Aquatech has quickly established itself as a leader in the dewatering and pumping industry. Built on the mandate to form a true and comprehensive provider of quality and environmentally conscious dewatering and pumping services in Ontario. Aquatech’s principals and senior managers are amongst the most experienced in the industry within all sectors of construction, environmental regulations, licensing requirements and industry organizations. Also, as a distributor of a variety of specialized and internationally recognized pumping equipment and accessories, Aquatech provides the newest and highest standard of performance to meet a wide range of services including; sewage and creek bypass, construction and mine dewatering, groundwater control, sludge and slurry pumping, industrial pumping applications, dredging, HDPE pipe and fusing services, mine sump pumping and emergency pumping services.

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Website www.aquatechpumpandpower.com

Arkbro Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment for applications in raise mining, to raise everything from horizontal drifts and tunnels to inclined and vertical shafts. Arkbro’s proprietary products are Raise Climbers ABI-5E and ABI-5EE. An electric-drive raise climber offers the advantage of faster travelling speeds. Arkbro Industries has designed and manufactured the necessary equipment for new mining methods and believes the endurance, performance, technical and safety features of its raise climbers and man lifts surpass all existing machines in the market. Arkbro Industries has been servicing world markets since 1967 and is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic (ABI-5A/AA), electric (ABI-5E/EE) and diesel-driven (ABI-5D/DD) raise climbers to national and international markets. Raise climbers are used for underground horizontal-,vertical- and inclined-shaft drilling, and to enlarge pilot raises for ventilation shafts, transport shafts and production mining (long-hole drilling) of narrow ore veins or wide ore bodies. As well, Arkbro Industries has acquired the raise climber business and raising methods produced by Sweden’s Alimark Hek Group. Having Arkbro Industries’ raise climber systems and other world-class manufacturing technologies and solutions will improve your working conditions, safety, speed and accuracy in raise mining at any mine or hydro project anywhere in the world.

City Mississauga
Province ON
Website www.arkbro.com

Arrow Speed Controls is the leading variable frequency drive (VFD) integrator in North America. Since its inception in 1980, Arrow has developed more than 22,000 solutions for its customers, specializing in heavy industries with an emphasis on mining, forestry, pulp and paper, automotive and petrochemical. Arrow’s mining customers rely on its knowledge to help design and build solutions for applications such as mine hoists, mine ventilation, ore conveyors, pump applications, and centrifuges. Working with supplier partners, Arrow can offer solutions up to 7.2 kV and 30,000 HP. Its integration, service and product offerings, along with its multi-million dollar inventory, are designed to support customer needs from initial startup to long-term support. Let Arrow’s staff engineers, with more than 100 years of speed control experience, design a complete system to meet your needs, from a simple fan application to a coordinated underground conveyor system with multiple drives networked together.

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Website www.arrowspeed.com

based in Canada and operating across North and South America.Arva has a long history of saving customers money by helping them achieve improved maintenance efficiency and significantly reducing downtime. Arva has built a solid reputation on the value and reliability of its vehicles and equipment. Solutions-based design engineering, production and support. Industry-specific expertise in demanding environments. Collaborative, team-oriented customer relationships.Arva has built a solid reputation on the value and reliability of its vehicles and equipment. Solutions-based design engineering, production and support. Industry-specific expertise in demanding environments. Collaborative, team-oriented customer relationships.

City St Thomas
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Website www.arvaindustries.com

Founded in 1976, Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of premier synthetic cordage to multiple industries around the world.

Historically, the mining industry’s primary resource for a variety of applications was steel. Recent revolutionary technological advances made to synthetic fibers such as Dyneema®, nylon, and polyester, allow wire rope users to choose synthetic cordage for winch lines, shackles, rigging, and tow lines. They benefit from significant increases in safety, durability, ease of handling and operating as strength is paired with light weight.

The potential of synthetic cordage to improve your bottom line has only begun to be exploited, and Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a seasoned contributor to the development of these critical solutions for cordage users. It is a great responsibility to provide cordage education, quality and value to the mining industry, and we are committed to working at the forefront of this venture

City Chute a Blondeau
Province ON
Website www.atlanticbraids.com

The McDowell group of companies is a privately held Canadian company founded by Bernard McDowell in 1968. The McDowell group of companies is a privately held Canadian company founded by Bernard McDowell in 1968.
It’s head office located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in Heavy Construction & Mining Equipment.   McDowell offers one of the biggest rental fleets in the Construction Industries as the Link-Belt Dealer, Bobcat Dealer, Ammann Dealer, Eager Beaver Trailer Dealer.

City Sudbury
Province ON
Website www.bmcdowell.com

BBE Consulting Canada has been operating out of Copper Cliff, Ontario since 2016. Since its establishment it has grown to be a team of five multilingual dedicated and dynamic specialists and engineers.

BBE Canada has extensive expertise in designing a mine’s ventilation from concept through to operation, including their assessment, modelling and optimization. They are also experienced in mine environment contaminant control, including gases, particulate, thermal conditions, and related health and safety issues. They also have leaders in the implementation of demand-based ventilation.

BBE Canada is responsible for the design of numerous mine ventilation systems and cooling plants across North and South America.

BBE Consulting has extensive modelling expertise borne through its development of its own Vuma simulation suite of programs, fire simulation, use of CFD modelling and ventilation simulation programs such as Ventsim, VnetPC, etc.

BBE also offers training in ventilation design and management in combination with network simulation.

City Copper Cliff
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Website www.bbegroup.ca

Our engineering and technical sales department are experienced in industrial refrigeration, fluid pumping, and heat transfer, and work hand-in-hand to deliver the desired results. Our consultative approach to designing solutions for industrial chilling applications has been widely accepted and is largely responsible for our high level of customer satisfaction. Aided by our industry exclusive and proprietary design tools, in combination with advanced 3D CAD systems and years of practical experience, our team is well equipped to provide innovative design solutions incorporating energy conservation, heat recovery, central control & monitoring, and most importantly: Customer Production Efficiency.

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Website https://www.berg-group.com/

Bit Service Company offers a wide range of quality products for the mining, construction, and materials handling industries. We offer warehousing of inventory, fabrication facilities, as well as a staff of experienced marketing, technical, and shop personnel. We strongly believe in our commitment to the support of current and prospective customers.

City Saskatoon
Province SK
Website https://www.www.bitservice.ca/

TUF-BAR develops and produces Fiberglass Rebar and accessories. TUF-BAR Fiberglass rebar is a stronger and lighter alternative to conventional steel rebar. It is ¼ the weight of steel, superior in tensile strength, non-magnetic, and non-conductive rebar that has a life cycle of 100+ years. GFRP products, including TUF-BAR Fiberglass Rebar, are specified for use in roadways, bridges, dams, concrete slabs, barrier walls, marine applications, tunneling and temporary reinforcement, and power generation facilities. TUF-BAR meets ASTM D7957 standard and is a fully approved GFRP Rebar. It is available for shipping worldwide.

City Edmonton
Province AB
Website http://www.bpcomposites.com

BPT Components & Parts Inc. is a leader in the Clark Powertrain market. With its state-of-the-art dyno-test machine to ensure its products meet or exceed OEM standards, BPT inventories more than $5 million in Clark/ Dana Powertrain components and replacement parts for the mining, logging and construction industries. In addition, BPT is a Carraro warehouse distributor and Funk authorized dealer. Now BPT can provide you with more lines to help keep your machines running with OEM parts at competitive prices. Turn to BPT to keep your equipment up and running with the highest quality parts and components at exceptional savings for you, the customer.

City Mississauga
Province ON
Website www.bpt.on.ca

We are a partnership with Norland Limited’s Pacific Blasting, which has a 60 year history of serving clients and is headquartered in British Columbia. While the 60 year history is no small feat in the construction industry, the partnership brings CanMine working capital and bonding ability. Pacific Blasting has a history of underground drill and blast work but it was decided to bring a clearer focus to this area of work by starting a new division called CanMine Contracting. CanMine is 100% Canadian owned.

City Burnaby
Province BC
Website https://www.www.canmine.ca/

Canadian-owned Canun International of Val Caron, in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, designs and manufactures pneumatic rock drills for the mining, quarrying (granite) and construction industries. Products include Canun Airleg, Stoper, Sinker and Quarry drills, Canun service parts, and the Canun Canpush Screen Pusher. Canun products are manufactured in Canada on modern CNC equipment, which performs all milling, turning and drilling operations. Super-precision grinding provides the high-tolerance finishes and accurate fits that are so critical for today’s mining machines. Every part Canun produces is inspected for consistency and interchangeability. Canun is continually applying new or emerging technology to develop and strengthen its ability to meet market needs. Canun International is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

City Val Caron
Province ON
Website www.canun.com