Rope and Cordage

Founded in 1976, Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of premier synthetic cordage to multiple industries around the world.

Historically, the mining industry’s primary resource for a variety of applications was steel. Recent revolutionary technological advances made to synthetic fibers such as Dyneema®, nylon, and polyester, allow wire rope users to choose synthetic cordage for winch lines, shackles, rigging, and tow lines. They benefit from significant increases in safety, durability, ease of handling and operating as strength is paired with light weight.

The potential of synthetic cordage to improve your bottom line has only begun to be exploited, and Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a seasoned contributor to the development of these critical solutions for cordage users. It is a great responsibility to provide cordage education, quality and value to the mining industry, and we are committed to working at the forefront of this venture

City Chute a Blondeau
Province ON