Mining Instrumentation

CANALTA FLOW MEASUREMENT is a privately held Canadian company that began operations in 1986 as an instrumentation and electrical contractor. Since 1991, the focus has been on the manufacture of industrial control and measurement equipment. Canalta has been supplying industry worldwide with quality double block & bleed, dual and single chamber orifice fittings, meter runs, flow conditioning accessories and parts for more than fifteen years. Canalta meter runs and orifice fittings are currently in service on every continent and in many off-shore production facilities. We have provided effective flow measurement equipment to companies large and small across a variety of industries, from oil and gas to food service. Canalta has also taken an industry-leading role in orifice meter innovation by improving the reliability and safety of orifice-based metering packages.

City Red Deer
Province AB

Denson Automation has more than 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing complete integrated control systems in the heavy industrial area and offers technological capabilities and expertise for all levels of automation and control systems panels for industrial customers and OEMs. Denson provides underground and open-pit mining electrical and control containers for typical applications in new and existing mines, including control of mineral conveyors, crusher lines, pumps and blowers, as well as automation and modernization, including electrical and control engineering services and local custom control panels for pumps, blowers, lighting and distribution. PLC and communication are programmed and tested at the factory for fast startup and commissioning, and its engineering and manufacturing facility means reduced delivery lead time, no additional overhead cost, flexibility and faster response to your special requests. Denson works in several languages in Canada, the U.S. and throughout Latin America.

City Ottawa
Province Ontario

FISO’s Nortech Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Monitoring System offers direct, real-time, and long-term monitoring of power transformers, which allows for smarter dynamic substation and power grid management.

FISO’s solutions will maximize any transformer’s performance by monitoring its true temperature, which reduces premature aging and allows for intelligent preventive maintenance planning. Overall, FISO’s solutions will have a positive impact in terms of return on your investment.

City Peterborough
Province ON