Mining Instrumentation

Established in 1983, AceTronic Industrial Controls Inc. vision has been to provide the utmost in customer service and to offer solutions based upon its in-house technical knowledge and wide product base. The company’s origins stemmed from a service requirement that existed predominantly in the plastic processing sector. Accurate temperature control and calibration of the same equipment was required for the molding of plastic parts. This fell directly into the lap of Harb Mushiana, who was an Instruments Technician by trade. Harb provided honest, reliable and quality work to this customers and these virtues have continued through to this day at AceTronic

City Mississauga
Province ON

For over 30 years Black & Baird Ltd. has been a leading supplier of instrumentation and equipment for the process and control industry. The highly regarded manufacturers represented by Black & Baird have an extensive history working with the Mining, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Municipal (Water & Wastewater), Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing Industries.

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Found in 1984, DAGEX Inc. has 34 years experience in the screening industry specializing in mineral processing, DAGEX Inc. offers testing services in order to qualify application process requirements and equipment selection to achieve the highest return on investment in the shortest period of time.

DAGEX Inc. has expanded into the custom design and manufacturing of solids control equipment for the mining, aggregate and civil construction markets, in addition to filtration equipment specializing in wastewater treatment for the municipal, industrial and food sectors.

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Province Ontario

Our easy to deploy end-to-end solution constantly monitors your equipment’s health by monitoring vibration and temperature. Telemetry is transmitted at a pre-configured interval and is instantly view-able via our analytics dashboard or accessible via our well documented API. Get reliable visibility to the health of our valuable industrial assets.

City Oakville
Province Ontario

When C.R. Davis founded Davis Controls Ltd. in 1933, he could not have envisioned the dynamic, high-tech company it has become. Mr. Davis provided boiler and refrigeration services in downtown Toronto, and Davis Controls continues to hold a leading position in Canadian Instrument and Control markets. From head office facilities in Oakville, ON and other strategic locations across the country, Davis Controls supports and connects customers, suppliers and sales representatives from coast to coast.

Davis represents a strong portfolio of exceptional products that deliver reliable and cost effective solutions. Process engineers and experienced project managers have been relying on Davis Controls for application expertise, world-class solutions and professional support for decades.

The mission of the company in its early days was to serve as a “WATCHDOG” over the Instrumentation and Control needs of local businesses. Since then, the distinctive and familiar Great Dane has been the trademark of the company that industry leaders have been relying on for years.

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Province Quebec

Study the effect of magnetic liner on ball milling efficiency utilizing DEM modelling
HMR-Canada has introduced magnetic liners for grinding mills that will improve the mill performance and efficiency. Mill liners have two main functions. First they protect the mill shell from wear and deliver energy to the material by lifting the material in a trajectory that creates the energy needed to break the rocks.

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