Mineral Processing Pumps Pipes and Valves

Founded in 2006, Aquatech has quickly established itself as a leader in the dewatering and pumping industry. Built on the mandate to form a true and comprehensive provider of quality and environmentally conscious dewatering and pumping services in Ontario. Aquatech’s principals and senior managers are amongst the most experienced in the industry within all sectors of construction, environmental regulations, licensing requirements and industry organizations. Also, as a distributor of a variety of specialized and internationally recognized pumping equipment and accessories, Aquatech provides the newest and highest standard of performance to meet a wide range of services including; sewage and creek bypass, construction and mine dewatering, groundwater control, sludge and slurry pumping, industrial pumping applications, dredging, HDPE pipe and fusing services, mine sump pumping and emergency pumping services.

City Maple
Province ON
Website www.aquatechpumpandpower.com