Drone Equipment and Services

Copperstone Technologies (CST) offers Autonomous Amphibious Robots for environmental monitoring. CST’s robots can work in harsh environments where it is dangerous, risky and costly to send human workers. Using the amphibious robot technologies, CST offers companies the means to autonomously monitor areas affected by mining operations (tailings) in a cost-effective, efficient, and safer manner. CST’s robots allow for characterization of difficult environments and soil sampling. They are used for bathymetric surveys, measuring soil properties, and geotechnical investigations.

Additionally, CST’s robots allow seed broadcasting, seedling planting, and other reclamation services on historically inaccessible locations. The original Amphibious Rover 1 was transformed into a second version capable of performing industry-standard testing such as cone penetrometer, vane shear, and sampling on regular bitumen tailings to support the large manned barges currently used in the industry. Since then, Copperstone has expanded its robotics offerings to include the Pangolin for metal mine tailings monitoring and reclamation.

City Edmonton
Province AB
Website https://www.copperstonetech.com/