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GUARD-RITE: ENGINEERED RUBBER LININGS. GUARD-RITE is American Biltrite’s distinctive product line of engineered rubber linings developed to meet the critical challenges of the rubber lining market. Choose from several polymers to cover an array of cold bond lining applications. Discover our premium textured bonding layer, adhesive-ready with no buffing required. Simplify your processes with one installation procedure and one adhesive system for any of our eight GUARD-RITE products. Proven solutions to extend the service life of critical equipment and drastically reduce expensive downtime. American Biltirite is a global company with more than 100 years of experience as leaders in the rubber industry. A family-owned company since 1908, our North American manufacturing feeds our nine warehouses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Fast service for emergency requirements with impressive lead times. Value added services include product selection assistance, technical advice, troubleshooting, and industry-leading customer service. Please contact us for your free GUARD-RITE catalog today.

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