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Formed in 2001, our sole activity is the collection and interpretation of transient magnetotelluric data with hardware/software of our own design. Led by David Goldak, M.Sc. (Physics) we’ve collected thousands of stations from the Canadian Arctic to equatorial Africa and South America in the search for uranium, diamonds, base and platinum group metals.

Our proprietary SFERIC II instrumentation and Adaptive Polarization Stacking algorithm are the result of many years of research and development by EMpulse, building on the excellent work done by Peter Kosteniuk and Ken Paulson in the 1980’s at the University of Saskatchewan, department of Physics and Engineering Physics.

Enhancements over conventional AMT are reflected in our our excellent tipper data and high frequency impedance with reliable error bars that are properly connected to data signal-to-noise ratio, polarization diversity and sample size. This equates to high quality inversions with a minimum of user intervention required. Coupled with 3D inversion on our 36 core Linux cluster, we provide an extremely high quality product with capabilities surpassing many larger companies.

Our service is complete, from data collection to 1D/2D/3D inversion, to full report generation with interpretation. We work hard to extract as much information as possible from our data to deliver maximum benefit to our clients. We enjoy integrating ourselves into our clients exploration team as much as possible, the more we can learn about your project the better we can interpret our data.

We’re constantly striving to improve our system and as such have many interesting research and development projects, 2010 saw the first project scale use of our vertical electric field measurement and the development of a 36 core Intel cluster suitable for 3D inversion of hundreds of stations. We look forward to the deployment of our third generation receiver with extended bandwidth of .001 Hz to 50 kHz and the further development of our Internal Field Gradient measurement

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