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Eco-Tec is a leading provider of industrial process equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our systems incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide resource-recovery and purification solutions to a wide variety of industries worldwide. Eco-Tec has well over 2,000 installations in more than 60 countries. For years, electro refining and electro winning operations for producing high-purity copper have relied on Eco-Tec’s systems to continually remove metal impurities from copper and zinc electrolyte bleed streams. The purified acid can then be recycled back to the tank house significantly reducing acid consumption and waste treatment expenses. Strong mineral acids like sulfuric acid can be separated from dissolved metal salts using Eco-Tec’s technology. The System utilizes a unique resin sorbent process and simple water wash to remove acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, and hydrofluoric from aqueous solutions. Online bath purification — through Eco-Tec’s world-leading APU® (Acid Purification Unit) — is used in many copper refineries.

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