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Specialists in passive water treatment for mining, oil and gas, and industrial operations. Our one of a kind year-round environmentally controlled pilot-scale facilities develop, test, and optimize technologies such as passive and semi-passive biochemical reactor (BCR) and constructed treatment wetlands. Contango is the only Passive Water Treatment and Remediation service provider with facilities, technology, and expertise to perform and interpret microbial community profiling (genetic and metabolic) to thoroughly understand the bioremediation processes at work and how to optimize them for your benefit. Contango’s temperature-controlled pilot facilities allow for testing and optimization of site-specific passive water treatment for a wide range of climates. Specialists in mining operations and closure water treatment, our in-house microbiology and biogeochemistry laboratories give us insight into how to optimize treatment processes. This results in a more efficient and robust system, and identifies implementation timelines, potential failure scenarios, and recovery modes.

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