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Canadian Wear Technologies is your one-stop solution for optimizing uptime on fixed plant material handling equipment. Starting with a comprehensive onsite “Wear Point Survey,” the company’s application specialists will identify and document critical wear issues. Their team develops a plan of action covering critical wear issues and provides a customized solution for each application. This is the Abreco Wear System® which is proven to significantly increase production uptime in primary crushing circuits in all types of hard rock mining. Using its own foundry, the company manufactures Abreco® laminated white iron materials that simply outperform other materials on the market today. A composite of extremely wear-resistant, cast white iron 700+ BHN (64 HRC) is metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backer plate providing weld-ability and impact resistance. AbrecoPipe® is the world’s first and only centrifugally cast, bimetallic pipe for severely abrasive slurry that can be formed into long-radius elbows.

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