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Can-Ceed Technologies provides state-of-the-art Canadian technology and products to the booming Asian mining market, including China, India, Mongolia, Indonesia and Myanmar, which are in need of ways to improve productivity, safety and environmental performance. With an office in Guelph, Ontario, and a sales and service office in China, Can-Ceed well understands the needs of Canadian suppliers and mining customers in Asia. Most of its employees, whether managers or sales representatives, have mining-related educational and career backgrounds that enable them to acquire valuable market information to secure sales to benefit both buyer and seller. Can-Ceed has supplied various mines with Canadian equipment and services, thus establishing a connection that benefits other Canadian firms. Now is the time to ensure you are well-represented in a large market that is just beginning to participate in the global mining scene. Contact Can-Ceed today, your trade bridge with Asia.

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City Guelph
Province ON