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BBE Consulting Canada has been operating out of Copper Cliff, Ontario since 2016. Since its establishment it has grown to be a team of five multilingual dedicated and dynamic specialists and engineers.

BBE Canada has extensive expertise in designing a mine’s ventilation from concept through to operation, including their assessment, modelling and optimization. They are also experienced in mine environment contaminant control, including gases, particulate, thermal conditions, and related health and safety issues. They also have leaders in the implementation of demand-based ventilation.

BBE Canada is responsible for the design of numerous mine ventilation systems and cooling plants across North and South America.

BBE Consulting has extensive modelling expertise borne through its development of its own Vuma simulation suite of programs, fire simulation, use of CFD modelling and ventilation simulation programs such as Ventsim, VnetPC, etc.

BBE also offers training in ventilation design and management in combination with network simulation.

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City Copper Cliff
Province ON