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Bay6 Solutions Inc. has been delivering proactive reliability strategies to the mining sector for nine years. Our uniquely designed patented Mag-Shield® magnetic filtration system improves equipment availability by increasing component life, preventing and mitigating failures, as well as providing post failure clean-up and follow-on failure prevention. It has been designated “an official reliability improvement strategy” at many of our customer’s mine sites. To help meet the aggressive equipment availability targets needed to support multi-million-dollar equipment investments, customers are making Mag-Shields® a required specification for new and used equipment.

Hydraulic systems are often the most expensive system to repair. Failures are unpredictable, associated with high follow-on failure rates and lengthy down-time. Until now, equipment owners have been forced to accept this due to standard filter limitations. Mobile equipment needs an added layer of protection since OEM filters plug and go into by-pass mode when large amounts of iron debris are released during component failure. With the most advanced magnetic technology and ideal placement in the hydraulic reservoir of mobile equipment, our Mag-Shields capture this debris before reaching the OEM filter. Their design and location direct all the oil flow through an inescapable magnetic field. Mag-Shields remove all sizes of iron particles released during normal operation and during failures, without being overwhelmed or affecting system flow. They actively remove contamination 24/7, as fast as it occurs, bringing new capabilities to your equipment’s standard factory filtration systems.

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