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Aspen understands mining can be tough; commodity prices cycle up and down, budgets are tight, the conditions are often extreme and operating targets must be met. Aspen’s mining trailers are designed to work with your existing equipment and do the job they are designed to do; every single day. Building mining trailers for use around the world is certainly some of the most challenging work Aspen takes on. We have proven our ability to supply some of the most demanding mines with both bulk haulers and site transporters. Aspen designs a specific line of products for our mining customers, ranging from 60 ton bulk haulers to 350 ton single axle lowbed trailers with tow/retrieval arms for 400 ton class haul trucks. Dating back to 1979, the Aspen name has long stood for superior design, quality, and durability. Consider Aspen and we’ll show you how our approach to reliability and product longevity will help your business.

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City Leduc
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