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Arkbro Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment for applications in raise mining, to raise everything from horizontal drifts and tunnels to inclined and vertical shafts. Arkbro’s proprietary products are Raise Climbers ABI-5E and ABI-5EE. An electric-drive raise climber offers the advantage of faster travelling speeds. Arkbro Industries has designed and manufactured the necessary equipment for new mining methods and believes the endurance, performance, technical and safety features of its raise climbers and man lifts surpass all existing machines in the market. Arkbro Industries has been servicing world markets since 1967 and is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic (ABI-5A/AA), electric (ABI-5E/EE) and diesel-driven (ABI-5D/DD) raise climbers to national and international markets. Raise climbers are used for underground horizontal-,vertical- and inclined-shaft drilling, and to enlarge pilot raises for ventilation shafts, transport shafts and production mining (long-hole drilling) of narrow ore veins or wide ore bodies. As well, Arkbro Industries has acquired the raise climber business and raising methods produced by Sweden’s Alimark Hek Group. Having Arkbro Industries’ raise climber systems and other world-class manufacturing technologies and solutions will improve your working conditions, safety, speed and accuracy in raise mining at any mine or hydro project anywhere in the world.

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